Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Outsider's Guide to Kampus Lingo

Committees - Officially recognized groups of people with specific non-academic targets. Includes PlaceCom, StudCon, Alumni Com ( Alcom ), etc.

CP - Class Participation - A component of the grading system where students are graded according to their participation in class. A much used and abused system by students, often leading to DCP.

DCP - Desperate for Class Participation - A common term for any participatory activities done with the sole purpose of getting CP marks. Typical symptoms include a more-than-normal enthusiasm to say something / anything. Used in a verb ( kya DCPgiri karta hai ) and noun form ( xyz to pakka DCP hai ). A rabid outbreak of DCPgiri can make the best classes unbearable due to the innate abilities of Globing and Gassing in everyone.

Globing / Gassing - Tendency to spout unnecessary / irrelevant stuff when one has no clue what is really asked for, in the hope that some credit might be given. Usually extends beyond exams into CP and general everyday talk, much to everybody's frustration. Most likely stems from the phrase 'Global Perspective'. Usage - Globe mat mar yaar / Woh subject ? Woh to gas hai yaar.

GOK / GOC - God's Own Kampus / Campus - a reference to the fact that we have the most amazing campus amongst b-schools :D

MADCOM - Merchandising & Design Committee - The committee which thoroughly enjoys their 15 minutes of fame when the new batch waits for their laptops to be delivered. Got us a good laptoo deal, though. Including my Mac :)

MF - Margin Free - The campus store, located a 10 minute walk down from the academic and hostel areas. A nice destination for a late night walk.

MCS - Multiple Committee Syndrome - A term coined for creatures from our batch who got massacred by the workload due to applying to multiple committees. Especially used for the deadly combination of PlaceCom + StudCon aspirants.

NC - Night Canteen - A term used for the IIMK canteen though it is open through most of the day. Good food at fantastic rates ( where else in this world would you get scrumplicious Aloo Paratha for 5 bucks and thick mango shake for 12 ?? ). A typical haunt at 2 am, where the night owls ( which means most of the batch ) come for their last fill, as only maggi is served after that.

PlaceCom - Placement Committee - Self Explanatory. The lesser said, the better. I want a good summers ;) More seriously, a really dedicated bunch of guys ( atleast aisa dikhate to hain ;) ), who work like crazy to get us mere mortals placed.

STI - Social Transformation of India - A compulsory course for Sem 1, by a professor with a fan following to rival a bollywood starlet. The course with the maximum table thumps / lecture ratio, as Prof. Mathew has everybody in splits every other minute.

StudCon - Students Council - A body representing the students, and looking into issues within campus, and doing some fantastic work. The only committee which ends with a 'con' rather than a 'com'. I wonder why :|

Table Thumps - A term coined by your's truly to explain a method of appreciating a joke / comment in class, done by thumping the tables. Can also be used for other purposes like hooting and cheering.

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