Sunday, June 29, 2008

And so starts the Roller Coaster Ride !

The PGP Chairperson addressed us on Tuesday, the day after the induction, and gave us an idea of what to expect at IIM K, the rigour and the amount of hard work we were expected to put in. It sounded exactly like what we had expected; what we hadn't expected was that the course would turn out to be way tougher than probably what even he had in mind. He dropped a few good one-liners, including one which, I have a sneaking feeling, we as a batch took to heart in too much spirit for his liking. He said that if we did not nod off in lectures, it was a sure shot sign that we weren't working hard enough. It sounded funny at that time, but 3 days into the course we realized he wasn't being half funny. I am sure, though, that there's going to be a speech soon in which he'll tell us the virtues of a good night's sleep and that how all work and no play makes jack a dull boy :P

K : Towering above the rest...

Lectures started on Wednesday, and right from the word go, it was full force. No mercy. For the first few days, I understood everything in class. These are the days I will remember as the golden ones - for it never happened again. Most of the times, I had little clue as to what was happening - it was just overwhelming. I did my best, did the pre-reads, *tried* to do the post-reads, but to no avail. The scary part was, many in the class were doing perfectly fine. I had the first inkling then that things were going to be a tad dicey, to put it mildly.

It took some time getting used to the 1 hr 15 minute lecture format. I had the attention span of a 5 year old ( I am like a 5 year old in more ways than just that :| ), and had never had to focus for so long earlier. Exams are different, there's no choice there, the fear of having to go through the torture again if I failed this time was enough of an incentive to somehow manage things. The 15 minute break between lectures, though, was great. It provided the perfect amount of time to grab a cup of coffee and rot around with others. It also ensured that I started the next class on a reasonably fresh note ( you have to get up and walk to get coffee ;) ).

Finally, after 3 days, the weekend came, though ours was the 1 division cursed with saturday lectures. I have no issues with saturday lectures other than the fact that I have to get up before noon in order to attend them.

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