Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Ok Tata Bye Bye !


Wierd name for a website. But what they were offering sounded too good to be true. A budget of 50000 bucks to travel in India for 15 days. Registered for a lark. Next thing I know, I get a call asking me whether I would kindly reply to their mail asking for more info, as I had been shortlisted. Had just returned from a Tiger reserve in eastern Maharashtra.

A couple of mails back and forth, and I am called to Mumbai for an interview. Wow ! But who the hell are these guys ? And why are they offering what they are ? So many questions. So few answers. Anyway, they call up again and let me know that they'll be picking up the tab for the Mumbai trip. Not bad.

So there was I, all ready to go. Excep for a small hitch. Had no clue where in Mumbai I was supposed to turn up. Waited all day for their call. Finally looked around the web and found their address.

Absolutely no signboards anywhere in the building or outside it, saying that this was the office. Rang the doorbell of what was a few BHK flat with trepidation, wondering what was inside ! Nice office, though.

All the shortlisted fellas turn up one by one. Pretty nice people, though there were the usual couple of snobs. Had a great time talking about all sorts of stuff with them. The guys conducting the 'interview' were quite chilled out too. In all, had a great time. Good weather, which was quite a bonus at this time of the year.

Came back, and couldnt wait to know who the lucky bugger was gonna be. Wasnt me. What the hell....... had a good time.....

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