Thursday, June 1, 2006


I love thunderstorms. There something about them which i find really peaceful. I know it doesnt make any sense, but I still do. There's something very cleansing about them which appeals to me. Like they remove, or atleast muck around with, all the dirt and grime of the last 8 odd months. Though how that is peaceful i cannot explain...

A raging thunderstorm gives rise to a wierd-for-the-situation urge in me - to drive a bike through the thing. Innumerable have been the occasions when I have driven my girlfriend crazy by leaving for my house just when a thunderstorm starts. The empty streets filled with water are just too inviting. I just love the kiddish thrill of cutting through the water at a high speed, drenching myself. Someone once told me to 'grow up', in jest. My reply... 'I wont !'

I am always impressed by the raw power in Nature. It never ceases to amaze me, regardless of how many times i have seen it. And I have seen it a few times. Most of them, when it threatened to destroy me. It still has me attracted, though. The latest encounters have been a wee too close to comfort, but I continue as if nothing has happened. Maybe it'll all end suddenly like it does for flies in those horrible electric insect-killers. ZAPP !

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